Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between alcohol-based ink and water-based ink?

Alcohol-based ink allows you to blend directly without adding water. This goes for colors in the same family or two completely different colors. Unlike water-based ink, no matter how much color you add with alcohol ink the paper will not pill.

What is the material of the tips?

The ABT PRO brush tip is made of nylon and the chisel tip is made of polyester.

What is the difference between the ABT PRO and Dual Brush Pen?

The ABT PRO is an alcohol-based marker that is water resistant and cannot be diluted or blended with water. The markers feature a brush tip and a chisel tip. The Dual Brush Pen is a water-based marker with water-soluble ink that can be blended and diluted with water. It features a brush tip and a fine point bullet tip. You can easily tell the difference between the two by barrel color - the ABT PRO barrel is light gray and the Dual Brush Pen barrel is black.

How should ABT PRO markers be stored? Horizontal or Vertical?

The ABT PRO should be stored horizontally.

Can the Tombow Marker Case be used with the ABT PRO?

The Tombow Marker Case mold will not fit the ABT PRO Markers. Because the ABT PRO should be stored horizontally, ABT PRO markers should not be used in a vertical case.

Are the ABT PRO markers available in all the same colors as the Dual Brush Pens?

There are 107 colors along with a blender pen in the full ABT PRO set. The numbering system is similar to the Dual Brush Pens to enable you to quickly identify which colors are the same. There are 18 colors that are unique to the ABT PRO, including: P077, P191, P127, P282, P502, P539, P660, P633, P680, P683, P839, P907, P848, P881, P852, P987, PN69 and PN29. Due to the differences in ink formulation, colors may not be an exact match.

How should the ABT PRO Blender Pen be used?

The ABT PRO Blender Pen is a colorless pen filled with pure solvent and no color which can be used for creating textural effects. The ABT PRO Blender Pen can also be used to "push" color around and remove or lighten ink that has already been applied to paper. Tip: Easily clean ink from barrel by brushing markers with Blender Pen.


What is the cap off time for the ABT PRO markers?

Because alcohol ink can dry out quicker than water-based ink, we recommend a maximum cap off time of 15 minutes for the chisel tip and 15-30 minutes for the brush tip. If the pen dries out, replace cap on marker for 24 hours to revive the ink.

Can ABT PRO markers be refilled?

No, the ABT PRO is not refillable.

Are alcohol-based markers light fast?

No. ABT PRO markers, like most alcohol-based markers use dye-based color. Open faced artwork can fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. The effect is less for illustrations done inside a book, or illustrations that are hung away from windows and protected by UV glass.

Are alcohol-based markers acid-free?

Actually, alcohol-based markers cannot be completely acid-free because of the way the dyes are made inside the alcohol-based markers. The level of acidity will vary by color, however, when present the acidity level is very low.

What paper should I use?

A paper with a medium absorbency that lays down a smooth color field is what we like best! Some that we recommend include: HP Premium 32 Laserjet Paper, bristol paper, marker paper, smooth mixed media paper (more absorbent), watercolor paper and illustration paper.

Can I use ABT PRO on surfaces other than paper?

Alcohol-based ink can be used on surfaces other than paper. This includes: glass, plastic, metal, fabric and many others. However, marker tips may fray after being used on rougher surfaces.

Will alcohol-based markers bleed?

Yes, we recommend using a blotter when using alcohol-based markers to avoid damaging any surfaces.

Can ABT PRO ink be washed out of fabric?

No, alcohol-based inks will stain textiles and cannot be removed by washing.

Line width of chisel tip?


Line width of brush tip (maximum)?


What is Lightfastness of Colored Pencils?

The lightfastness of a pigment is how permanent it is, or how unaffected it is by light.  Lightfastness varies from pigment to pigment and the ratings change based on the color.  Generally, colors of light red and dark green tend to be less stable, while neutral tones, dark purples, and fluorescent colors tend to be more stable.

To preserve the quality of the color, you can take further steps to protect the image.  You can spray the finished work with a fixative that also adds a protective Ultra Violet light filter and add a layer of protection.  You can also have the picture mounted and framed behind a protective glass or plastic which will also provide more UV protection.

What type of paper is best for wax-based colored pencils?

Choose an ‘acid-free’ or ‘PH Neutral’ paper for a lasting piece that will not yellow or go brittle over time.

Choose a paper that is compatible with your style. For example, if you like to blend with the Colorless Dual Brush Pen, or erase and blend with the Tombow Sand Eraser, you will need a paper that will hold up to these techniques.

The tooth of a paper is important when choosing a paper. You want a medium tooth that accepts layers of color, but not too rough as it will eat up your pencils faster.

Suggest papers include: Stonehenge from Legion Paper, 1557 Drawing paper from Canson, Colored Pencil Paper from Strathmore, Mi Tientes from Canson, Decorative Scrapbook papers – choose one with a nice tooth.

Explore other drawing and watercolor papers to discover what work best for you!

Click here for more information about suggested paper to use with Tombow Colored Pencils.

Can school students use Tombow Correction Tape?

Students can use Tombow Correction on homework, but not on exams.

Can Tombow Correction Tape be taken onto an airplane?

Yes, since the Tombow Correction Tape is not liquid, it can be taken onto an airplane. Tombow Mono Correction Tape Mini is very compact and small enough to place in a backpack, purse or a planner for your trips!

Can a paper be scanned or copied after Tombow Correction Tape covers an area?

Yes, Tombow Correction Tape can be instantly scanned, faxed or copied without leaving any shadows. In addition, there is no drying time so you can write on the tape immediately with any type of writing instrument.

What is the best way to lay down Tombow Correction Tape?

For best results, place the paper that needs a correction on a firm, flat surface before applying. With Tombow’s Advanced Correction Tape Coating Technology the tape lays down smoothly with no looping, no peeling and no curling ….the tape adheres to uneven paper surfaces and textures.

What should you do if the correction tape moves off the applicator tip?

You may be pressing too hard, be sure to use smooth, firm pressure to the correction tape applicator as you move it slowly across the area you would like to correct. A suggestion would be to hold the dispenser at a 45 degree angle, once you’ve covered the area to be corrected, pick the correction tape applicator up off the paper to break the connection with the paper. If necessary, Tombow Correction Tape has dual gears for self-tightening and a rewind button to adjust tension.

What are some of Tombow Correction Tape features?

Tombow has many correction tape choices which include: Unique tip designs such as a pivoting head for smooth application, a spatula tip design to prevent tape from looping, a retractable tip that protects the tape when not being used, rubberized textured grips. There are several options that are great for left hand users too which is the Top Action - holding the applicator vertically allows he left hand user to see exactly where they are applying. Both Top Action and Side Action are excellent choices for precise and accurate placement. Other choices include wide tapes for large areas of correction that are available in bright, fun color applicators. All Tombow Correction Tape products have Tombow Advanced Correction Tape Coating Technology to ensure that it lays down smoothly with no looping, no peeling and no curling, and best of all, Tombow Correction Tape is manufactured with post-consumer content, so it’s the safest choice for the environment and available in economical 10 packs.

Is Correction tape harmful to a person?

Tombow Correction Tape is absolutely harmless, environmentally friendly, green and refillable.

Should the Dual Brush Pens be stored vertically or horizontally?

Our Dual Brush Pens can be stored both horizontally and vertically. However, we recommend storing them horizontally to conserve consistent ink color over time.

In what temperature range can the Dual Brush Pens be stored to maintain the best quality?

The minimum storage temperature for the Dual Brush Pens is 40° F, and the maximum is 104°F.

Do the Dual Brush Pens contain xylene or lignin?

No, to both.

Are the Dual Brush Pens light fast?

No. Open faced artwork can fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. The effect is less for illustrations done inside a book, or paintings that are hung away from windows and protected by UV glass.

Any suggestions to better preserve artwork or paintings done with the markers?

Many artists have mentioned that Lascaux and Mod Podge have worked very well for preservation; however, we have never tested the products with our markers.

What is the best paper to use with the Dual Brush Pens?

We recommend using smooth surface art papers to achieve the best results with the Dual Brush Pens. Typically the following papers will work well with this pen: marker paper, tracing paper, smooth mix media paper, vellum, and HP Premium32 laserjet paper.

Can I use the Dual Brush Pens on regular copy paper?

To achieve the best results with the Dual Brush Pens, we do not recommend using them on regular copy paper.

What is the best paper to use with the Fudenosuke Brush Pens?

We recommend using smooth surface art papers to achieve the best results with the Fudenosuke Brush Pens. Typically the following papers will work well with this pen: marker paper, tracing paper, smooth mix media paper, vellum, and HP Premium32 laserjet paper.

Can I use the Fudenosuke Brush Pens on regular copy paper?

To achieve the best results with the Fudenosuke Brush Pens, we do not recommend using them on regular copy paper.

Are your scrapbooking adhesives acid-free and archival?

Yes. All of our adhesive tape runners and liquid glue products are acid-free and Photographic Activity Test (ANSI IT9.16) approved. They will not yellow or discolor paper over time or damage photos.

My adhesive applicator will not open so that a refill can be inserted. What is the problem?

Most likely, the product is not refillable. We manufacture products in both refillable and disposable versions. A refillable applicator must first be purchased before you can use the corresponding refill. Make sure the correct refill is inserted in the corresponding applicator.

To review Xtreme FAQ, click here.

Can they be used with the Dual Brush Pens?

Yes, the MONO Drawing Pens are water resistant, so they can be used with the Dual Brush Pens and other water-based mediums. For best results, we recommend letting the MONO Drawing Pen ink dry/set for about 2 minutes before adding ink on top.

Do they bleed through paper?

No, the MONO Drawing Pens do not bleed through most papers.

Are they water soluble?

No, the MONO Drawing Pens are not water soluble. They have water-based pigment ink that is permanent and water resistant.

Are they water proof?

The MONO Drawing Pens are water resistant. For best results, we recommend letting the MONO Drawing Pen ink dry/set for about 2 minutes before adding ink or water on top.

Can your roller ball pen refills leak in flight?

Yes, all roller ball pens and refills can leak due to the change in air pressure, combined with the open space remaining in a refill cartridge.

Are rollerball and ballpoint pens interchangeable?

No, rollerball pens are only available with a Tombow rollerball refill and ballpoint pens can only be refilled with a ballpoint refill.  Click here to view all Fine Pens.

How are these different from the Playcolor 2?

The TwinTone Dual Tip Markers have different sized tips than the Playcolor 2. They also come in different colors.

Why are they called TwinTone?

The name TwinTone refers to the two tips on each pen. Twin refers to the tips and Tone refers to the fact that they are colorful pens.

Do they have 2 colors in each pen?

No, there is only one color in each TwinTone Dual Tip Marker.

Are these brush pens?

No, the TwinTone Dual Tip Markers are hard tipped markers. They will provide consistent lines regardless of how hard you press down on them during use.

What are the differences between these markers and the Dual Brush Pens?

Both the TwinTone Dual Tip Markers and the Dual Brush Pens have two tips and water-based ink, but the tips on each pen are different. The TwinTone tips are both hard tips that will provide consistent lines and are great for everyday writing. The Dual Brush Pens feature a flexible brush tip on one end and a hard tip on the other. 

How should I clean the Water Brush Pens?

We recommend filling the pen with water and squeezing the tank while rubbing the tip with paper, cloth, sponge, etc. If left for an extended period without being cleaned, the brush tips may become stained. Brush tips may not become clean again if a colored ink has been used that isn’t watercolor paint or water-based dye ink.

How should I use the Water Brush Pens?

We recommend following this process for best results:

  1. Rotate the tank counter-clockwise to separate it from the colored portion of the pen
  2. Pour water into the tank
  3. Attach the tank to the colored portion of the pen by rotating clockwise
  4. Open the cap. Then, turn the brush downward and gently squeeze the tank to release the water or ink


Is the barrel of the Water Brush Pen easy to squeeze?

Yes. You actually apply pressure to the clear part of the barrel to release the water or ink, not the colored part. This prevents you from accidentally squeezing it while you're using it.

How much water or ink can the Water Brush Pens hold?

Each Water Brush Pen can be filled up to 5.5ml

How are the Water Brush Pens different from the Dual Brush Pen Colorless Blender?

The Tombow Water Brush Pen works by filling the barrel with water and gently squeezing to flood the bristles with water, allowing you to create watercolor effects. The Dual Brush Pen Colorless Blender works by blending your colored ink using colorless ink. The effect achieved with each is slightly different, and with the Water Brush you have the ability to choose your tip size/type since we offer small, medium and flat options!

What is the best paper to use with the Water Brush Pens?

We recommend using watercolor or mixed media paper to achieve the best results with our Water Brush Pens.

What is "Archival"?

Tombow deems marker products as “Archival” when their ink fulfills the writing fastness requirements of “Rollerball Pens and Refills−Part 2 : Documentary Use Writing (ISO-14145-2)”. Based on these requirements, the ink’s Erasure Resistance, Ethanol Resistance, Hydrochloric Acid Resistance, Ammonium Hydroxide Resistance, Bleaching Resistance, Water Resistance and Light Resistance are within ranges of this standard. Conformance with standards other than the aforementioned one is unknown.

Are other products available that are not listed on your website?

No. Our full product line is listed on our website. If you are interested in a product not listed, then it is unfortunately not available. We only import and distribute those items listed.

Do you sell your products wholesale?

Yes. If you are interested in opening a wholesale account with Tombow click here for more information.

What is your policy regarding coupon codes and promotional discounts?

We are happy to offer coupon codes and promotional events on our website throughout the year. However, only one coupon code can be applied per order. Restrictions may apply.

My package has been lost or stolen. What should I do now?

If your package has been marked as delivered but you have not received it, we recommend reaching out to your local post office or FedEx facility, or checking with your neighbors to see if the package was left there accidentally. Please note that once a package leaves our warehouse, we are no longer responsible for it. It is the responsibility of the carrier at this point in the shipping process. All lost or stolen package claims can be handled with the carriers directly at the links below.



Where can I find the status of my order?

You should receive an order confirmation email after submitting your order. Once your order has shipped, we will send you a shipment notification email with your tracking number and link. If you were logged in to your account upon placing your order you may also login to your account to check the status of your order at anytime. If you did not receive an order or shipping confirmation, we recommend checking your email spam folder first. We have found that these types of emails end up there frequently! If you are still unable to find your order related emails, email our Customer Support Team at and we will be happy to assist you.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, Tombow USA only ships within the United States and Canada.

I received a damaged or defective item. What should I do?

If you received a damaged or defective item, please refer to Tombow's 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee listed below the Return Policy here.

Can I return or exchange my order?

If you have an item that you no longer want that is unopened and unused, please follow the Return Policy instructions here within 60 days of the original purchase date. Unfortunately, we are unable make exchanges at this time.

Do you offer free shipping to Canada?

Free shipping is offered to Canadian residents on qualifying orders of $30 or more before taxes and after coupons or promotional discounts are applied. Please note that packages being shipped to Canada may require 5-7 business days.

How are orders to Canada shipped?

All orders being shipped to Canada are sent via FedEx.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Orders being shipped within the United States and Guam can be delivered to PO Boxes. However, orders being shipped to Canada or Puerto Rico cannot be delivered to PO Boxes at this time as they are delivered via FedEx. Please use a physical shipping address when placing an order to be delivered within Canada and Puerto Rico.

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What are Tombow Workshops?

Tombow Workshops are self-paced online courses to help you learn how to use Tombow products! Workshops will be taught by various artists and will cover a wide range of topics and techniques. New workshops will be published periodically and will include lifetime access upon purchase.

How do I access the workshop once I have purchased it?

For access to purchased workshops, follow the steps below:

  1. Select My Account in the top navigation bar on our website
  2. If prompted to login, sign in to the account that was used to purchase the workshop
  3. Select My Workshops from the menu bar on the left side of the My Account page
  4. Select the workshop you wish to access. Any Tombow Workshops that you have purchased will be located here for lifetime access!


You may enter and exit the workshop at any time and come back later to finish the course. Once purchased, you will have unlimited access to the workshop through the My Workshops tab in your account.

Do I need to purchase any materials for the workshop?

All workshop materials are sold separately. Any Tombow products related to the workshop will be listed on the workshop detail page under Class Materials and are available for purchase under the “Purchase Products for this Course” section. Simply add the item(s) to your shopping bag for purchase and have them shipped to you for use during the course!

Any other related workshop products that are not sold by Tombow will be listed in the Class Materials section of the workshop detail page so that you can prepare for the course in advance.

Are there technical requirements to access the workshops?

Tombow Workshops are streamed through an online video platform accessible from all devices and browsers. Flash components are not required, and video playback is based on the internet speed of the user. Internet access is required while accessing the course.

Are Tombow Workshops available internationally?

At this time, Tombow Workshops are only available to customers within the United States and Canada.

Can I purchase a Tombow Workshop as a gift?

At this time, Tombow Workshops cannot be gifted.

Does access to the workshop expire?

No. Once you have purchased a workshop you will be given lifetime access to the course through your account.

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