Wholesale Account Requirements

At Tombow, we're passionate about offering the finest and most innovative executive pens, office, and arts and crafts products on the market today. In addition, we're committed to working with exceptional partners to sell our products. If you are interested in selling Tombow products please review the following requirements.

Becoming a Wholesale Customer

Terms and Conditions

Please review our Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions - United States

Terms & Conditions - Canada

New Account Inquiries

If you are interested in becoming a wholesale customer at Tombow please review our Terms & Conditions and send the following items to

  • Completed copy of the New Customer Application Form
  • Current copy of your Business Resale Certificate that includes Tax ID
  • Additional Business Information - We would love to hear more about your company! Please tell us about your business and why you are interested in selling Tombow products.
  • For new account setup inquiries, please allow 14 business days for processing.

Tombow does not permit the resale of its products on any third-party marketplace sites including (but not limited to) Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. Currently, we are not approving reseller accounts to customers that intend to resell our products on these sites only. If planning to sell Tombow products online, it must be through a website owned by the reseller.


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