Monochromatic Illustrations with ABT PRO

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Learn the basics of illustrating with Tombow’s ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers. In this 98-minute self-paced online course, you'll learn the basic building blocks of illustration and how to add value and texture in your own style. Artist and Illustrator Grace Myhre of Grace Anne Studio will walk you through how to identify the shapes that comprise a subject and how to take those shapes to build your own illustration. From there you’ll add value and style with the ABT PRO to create an illustration style that’s your very own. Lifetime access to workshop included upon purchase. Workshop materials sold separately.

  • Discover how to break down illustrations into basic building blocks
  • Learn about the basics of value and tone, and how to apply monochromatic color using the ABT PRO
  • Try your hand at a few different illustration styles
  • Receive tips for layout and composition
  • Finish things off by creating a flat lay and illustrating it in your own style

Class Materials

  • ABT PRO 5-Pack
    • Pink, Purple and Blue 5-packs featured in class, but any set can be used
  • MONO Drawing Pencil, 4H
  • MONO Eraser
  • MONO Drawing Pen 02
  • Smooth Bristol Paper

How to Access the Workshop

  • After purchasing the workshop, select My Account
  • If prompted to login, sign in to the account that was used to purchase the workshop
  • Select My Workshops from the menu bar on the left side of the My Account page
  • Select the workshop you wish to access. Any Tombow Workshops that you have purchased will be located here for lifetime access!

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