MONO Drawing Pencil Set + MONO Black Eraser Bundle

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Bundle includes the MONO Drawing Pencil Set + MONO Black Eraser, Medium, 3-Pack

MONO Drawing Pencil Set - Professional quality drawing pencils are crafted with the highest quality materials. Extra-refined, high density graphite encased in premium hard cedar wood. Perfectly centered lead core adhered throughout entire woodcase, making pencil break resistant and ensures even sharpening. Progressive degree range from 6B - 4H. Easily erase graphite pencil marks with the included light touch plastic eraser. Set includes 12 pencils, plastic eraser and pencil sharpener.

MONO Black Eraser, Medium, 3-Pack - Soft plastic eraser removes marks cleanly with little pressure and no paper damage. Great for school or art. Protective paper sleeve with rounded corner edges keeps from damaging eraser during use. Black erasers hides graphite residue and always looks neat and clean.

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