Galaxy + Constellation Lettering Bundle

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Bundle includes 4 Dual Brush Pens, a MONO Eraser, a MONO Drawing Pencil, and the Tombow Blending Kit. This combination of Dual Brush Pens colors is perfect for galaxy and constellation lettering. Use the Blending Kit to blend the colors together for watercolor effects. The pencil and eraser are perfect for sketching your lettering before it’s time to add ink.

Dual Brush Pens - Flexible brush tip and fine tip in one marker. Brush tip works like a paintbrush to create fine, medium or bold strokes; fine tip gives consistent lines. Dual Brush Pens are ideal for artists and crafters. The water-based ink is blendable and the resilient nylon brush retains it's point stroke after stroke. Colors Included: 555 Ultramarine, 725 Rhodamine Red, 679 Dark Plum, 606 Violet

MONO Eraser, White, Small - Soft plastic eraser removes marks cleanly with little pressure and no paper damage. Great for school or art. Protective paper sleeve with rounded corner edges keeps from damaging eraser during use.

MONO Drawing Pencil, 4H  - Drawing pencil offers superior extra-refined, high density graphite. Smear proof lines help produce crisp, clean drawings with the added value of slow wear for smooth, dense writing.

Blending Kit - Blend beautiful colors for your art and craft projects with the Tombow Blending Kit. This Blending Kit includes: 1 Blending Palette, 1 Colorless Blender, 1 Spray Mister, and 1 Instructional Blending Guide. These handy tools are easy to use and great to add colorful depth to your scrapbooks, paintings, school projects and home décor accessories.

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